As a leading, multi-stage capital investment firm, we strive to be among the first investors and trusted partners to brilliant entrepreneurs with a shared vision for a sustainable future.

Based in Luxembourg and Munich, we invest in Venture Capital and Private Equity across stages, maturities, regions, and industries.
We create an environment where founders can thrive. Our international network, capital, and background in company-building ensures we enter active partnerships and support portfolio companies.

Our goal is to be among the first institutional investors to brilliant entrepreneurs with superior self-starter attitudes. We believe that investment means more than just financial support and strive to become trusted partners in the journey to success.

We invest globally in companies fueling the low-carbon economy, EV revolution, and global battery transition. This commitment to sustainability means that our portfolio companies become market leaders in shaping a better future for us and for future generations.


We Invest in a Sustainable Future

Energy & Sustainability

The transition to a low-carbon economy depends on the development and deployment of sustainable energy technologies, as well as the enforcement of sustainability standards. We believe in the electrification of the world including all major ways of transportation, heating and industrial processes up to 200°C. The focus on energy and sustainability is vital for creating a more sustainable future.

AI & Robotics

Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are transforming industries across the board, and this is particularly true in the field of climate tech. From predictive analytics to autonomous systems, AI and robotics can help reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, and facilitate a shift to a more sustainable future.

Digitalization & Software

Digital technologies and software are critical enablers of climate tech solutions, allowing for greater efficiency, automation, and data-driven decision-making. This category includes a range of digital tools and platforms that can help optimize energy consumption, increase operating efficiencies, and streamline supply chains.


The natural resources industry will continue to be essential. METS (Mining equipment, Technology and Services) play a key role in solving the upcoming challenges, including resource depletion, commodity demand shifts due to global megatrends, and a trend of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability.


We Look for Brilliant Entrepreneurs

The financing of any venture is a journey with several stages that we walk together. We typically invest up € 500k – 5mio initially with the potential to grow our investment in subsequent rounds joined by our network of international growth investors.


Pre Series A, selectively later stage
and private equity investments with cash flow.


We source deals and invest globally but due to our origin we focus on Europe.

Investment Criteria

  • You have found your complementary co-founders and you are hyper-motivated to move fast and disrupt the industry
  • You have positioned yourself in one of our target sectors, identifying a true problem and working to solve it
  • You are among the first players in a niche that is going to explode
  • You have developed a competitive edge over others
  • You have validated your business model and have a proven track record with first successes

We're All in the Same Boat

Being entrepreneurs and seasoned executives ourselves, we know the challenges that companies face in the various stages of maturity. Always having an eye on the vision, we support with smart and patient capital.

We become your sparring partner on all questions of business strategy, infrastructure, processes, and people. In personal meetings we jointly define the strategy for the company, co-create financing models, set roadmaps and milestones for hyperscaling your business. Ambitious entrepreneurs need high profile contacts in all areas, be it lawyers or advisors, PR or Marketing or introductions to other investors or corporates: Our contact list is open to you.


The best way to approach us is through a warm introduction: Find someone that we know and who we trust.

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

We invest early and late stage as well as selectively distressed across jurisdictions but with a strong focus in Europe.

The short answer is: The right time is “always”. In fact it is never too early to meet brilliant founds with a strong idea to solve challenging problems and first successes in building their business. The best way to approach us is through a warm introduction: Find someone that we know and who we trust.